Sterling Collective


Sterling Collective is a new start up business focused on primarily providing new and innovative creative videos to businesses, social influencers, and celebrities. Founder and CEO Brady Clayton has a unique eye for creating entertaining videos that capture attention and keep the audience engaged to deliver the complete message. Along with Brady’s video production, he is also connecting other creatives to help provide additional services such as photography and graphic design. Sterling Collective got their inspiration and modeled their brand after Arvada Creative so you will see some similar design and style. Below we will outline the process we went through to create the brand for Sterling Collective.


Logo & Branding

Round 1


Every logo and branding package begins with a wide range of logo concepts usually starting as sketches and then converted into cleaner digital previews. Below were some of the favorite concepts from the first round of sketches.


Round 2


From the first round, there was a clear choice for the design shown below. The first round is done in black and white to see how well the design can stand on its own. The mark must be strong without the need for color to make the design special. The design chosen was clean, modern, classy, and the S was designed to resemble an old school film strip twisting upwards in a minimalistic design. The next step is to play with color.


Final Logo


After comparing the favorite color options shown above, we decided to keep everything black, white, and grey using slight gradients to give a silver style to the text and logo mark. We felt that the greyscale color pallet was clean and elegant and also gave reference to the old black and white film which is classic and connects to the roots of the art in film. This also plays off the word Sterling with the mental connection to Sterling Silver. The final logo is shown below.




The website primarily features the video production side of the business. The additional services are listed below in a simple slideshow format to give a preview of the work quality and possibilities. Since Sterling Collective does such a wide range of services and is in the start up phase, everything is filtered through this home page and potential clients can easily fill out the form on the bottom of the page to get a consultation for their project. Below is a preview of the web design at the time of their launch in January 2018.


Graphic Design

Business Cards


As a start up, the first thing Sterling Collective needed to do was to acquire contacts. Usually your first impression is a business card if you have a face to face meeting. There are 2 important parts for a good business card. 1 - A quality design that visually communicates the quality of your brand. 2 - Quality paper to compliment the visuals with quality touch. Arvada Creative has a special soft matte paper that has a velvet smooth texture with a very thin plastic coating creating a hybrid paper/plastic material that feels durable, yet elegant and simple. You really just have to feel it to get that wow factor for yourself. The design however, needs to utilize the small real estate of a business card, communicate the important contact information, and resemble the branding shown in the website and other marketing materials. See below how we used the simplicity in the brand to create Brady’s cards.


Thank you for reading!

If you have questions, comments, or want to learn more about our services, please contact us!