Brandon Payton - Realtor


Brandon Payton is a top realtor in the California Bay Area. Brandon came to us looking to break free from his limited realtor platform provided to him by his broker. Brandon wanted to build a personalized brand where he could distinguish himself from the rest of the competition. This included a full plan to create his own logo and branding, his own website to control the user experience for potential clients, and his own marketing materials that matched the branding. Below, we will show you the process we used to build a logo and brand concept and then building a website that allows Brandon to control his environment while still using elements of the platform from his broker to provide access to the MLS.


Logo & Branding

Round 1


All of Brandon’s close clients call him BP. Brandon told us he wanted to incorporate that into his brand somehow. We knew that the style needed to be more on the elegant side as Brandon sells some beautiful high value homes. We played doing some classic serif styled fonts and designs and also some more modern sans serif designs to see what stood out to Brandon and what caught his eye for the “Brandon Payton” feel. Out of the several designs, these were the favorite finalists.


Round 2


There was no doubt, Brandon loved the last preview from above. That was spot on the style he wanted. The way the B and P wove together created a memorizing design that causes your eyes follow the lines to find it’s all connected. The design also hinted toward elements of a front gate or doorway with hinges. The logo mark was a winner but something about the sizing and font layout felt like it still needed some work, so we refined the text to logo mark positioning for Round 2.


Final Logo


After reviewing these variations of positioning, framing, and line weights, we decided the simplistic version was the strongest design. Usually we explore color once we finalize the mark and the font style, but Brandon knew what colors he wanted to use. Brandon played professional basketball overseas and his brother played in the NBA, so basketball orange was the color he wanted to go with which was the perfect color for this logo and branding.



When Brandon contacted us to build a new site, all he had was the basic platform that his broker provided. First thing we did was search for available domains that he could use for the new site and something that would benefit his marketing efforts. We were able to secure (points to the new, main website) and (points the broker MLS platform). With the new domains secured, we began to build the new site. The new website has a clean and modern design focused on highlighting the important elements of Brandon Payton’s brand. The home page is built in sections with the purpose of taking new visitors to the site and easily introducing them to the possible sections that may apply to them. The top of the home page is a scrolling slideshow showing the quality of homes Brandon works with. We also incorporated words or phrases that emphasize Brandon’s mission and purpose. Next is a brief introduction to Brandon since a majority of site visitors come to the site to learn more about Brandon. The next section separates the buyers and the sellers to get more information keeping the other half out of sight and not distracting from the content visitors came to see. The next section takes visitors to specific parts of the old MLS platform where they can input searches. Unfortunately due to MLS regulations, we cannot offer that directly on Brandon’s site, so this was the next best thing we could do. And finally at the bottom of the home page is an easy access form to connect potential clients to Brandon. Below are some previews of the web design.

See Before


Graphic Design

Business Cards


Clean and simple design complimenting the website


Monthly Flyers


Brandon gets updated information about neighborhoods every month and sends monthly flyers to the community to keep them in the loop. We created a template design where we can pull the information from his spreadsheets and create these branded flyers to send out every month.


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